Gmail Account Recovery

Have you forgotten your Gmail account password yet again? Or have suspected that someone else has changed the password? If yes then you do not have to get apprehensive and panic about it. All you need to do is calm down and get the access back to your Gmail account. And to know how does this Gmail account recovery takes place, the users can follow the steps related with recovery of the account are stated below.

Recover Gmail Account without Phone Number

Gmail Account Recovery Without Phone Number and Email

  • Open a web browser and go to from the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Enter the username in the sign-in page and then click “Enter”.
  • Tap on “I Forgot Gmail Password” option from the bottom of the page and you will be redirected to Gmail account recovery page.
  • Select the option of recovery using email and then check the email id that is linked to the account and then click “Send Code” option.
  • Check the email and enter the verification code on the screen received to the account and then tap “Next”.
  • Gmail will take a few minutes to check the verification code and then allow you to create a new account password. Hence, create a password that is strong and easy to remember and then tap “OK”.
  • The password is reset successfully and the user can now check and sign in the account using the new password.
  • With the help of above steps, users can get back Gmail account. Another method to recover Gmail account password is also explained below.

Gmail Account Recovery Date Of Birth

  • Visit the Gmail account recovery page and enter the email id that you want to recover.
  • Gmail will ask to select any one recovery option. And you if you do not have any of the recovery methods then you can tap on “Try Another Way” from the bottom of the page.
  • Then Gmail will display some questions that you selected at the time of creating the account. In these questions, some can be when did you create the account, entering the date of birth with a year and other questions get displayed.
  • Answer these questions correctly and then enter “OK”.
  • Gmail will take a few minutes to check the answers from the server and then will allow you to create a new password.
  • Hence, create a password which is strong and easy to remember and then tap “Confirm”.
  • Hence, with the help of above steps related to Gmail account recovery with the date of birth the users can easily get back his Gmail account.

Gmail Account Recovery Phone Number

In case the user is still not able to get his account back then he can get in touch with Gmail account recovery phone number. Gmail account recovery phone number is 24/7 active so that the user can contact any time irrespective of the time zone.



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