Facebook Account Recovery

Facebook Account Recovery Through Friends

Losing the password of any social media accounts especially Facebook is no less than a nightmare. And a lot of people juggle with the problem of losing passwords which can be a little overwhelming. And if you are looking for ways to recover the lost password of Facebook then you can take the help of methods like Alternative email or security questions.

Recover Facebook Account

Step to how to recover my Facebook account through friends.

If you are not able to recover the lost password of Facebook because you don’t remember the recovery information then it’s okay. You can always take the help of alternative mediums like Facebook account recovery through friends and get the password fixed.

  • First of all, once you realize that you can’t remember the password of the Facebook account, then tap up the link of forgot password and move to the account recovery link.
  • Once done, now enter the username with which you log in to your account and once done, tap on the recovery methods. You can use the method of trusted contacts in case you can’t access email or phone.
  • Follow the instructions and tap on the option of revealing my trusted contacts and type the full name of the contact you are taking help from.
  • Furthermore, follow the steps and tap on the contact name. That person will receive one code and you can ask them for the same and enter it in the verification box.
  • Now set up a new password and re-enter the password to confirm and you would be done.

And therefore with the help of the following steps, a user can make Facebook account recovery through friends.

Facebook Account Recovery Phone Number or Help Desk

In case you face any issues related to how to recover my Facebook account through friends then you can contact Facebook Account Recovery phone number and get the doubts resolved. The support team works 24x7 to fix the doubts of users.




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