Google Chrome not Working on Mac

Google chrome is a search engine through which you can gain any kind of knowledge or information about any topic without any trouble. It is a perfect friend in the hour of crises. Google chrome is the part and parcel of those who does internet surfing. Google chrome is a widely used app which is chosen by the users for its compatibility and efficiency. It can be used on android, windows, Mac and other browsers too. Although it is among the best browsers, there are times when a user faces issue while using the Google chrome browser.

How to Fix Google Chrome not Working

When Google chrome stops working it causes big trouble or problems to the users. So, in this blog we will deal with the situation if Google Chrome not working properly or smoothly and how to deal with this kind of situation. You can do the following things in order to make your Google chrome workable:

  • Change your proxy settings
  • Reset the chrome
  • Scan the malware carefully which could affect browser’s security or network settings and cause connection problems.
  • Remove problematic apps which create a disturbance in the efficient working of chrome.
  • Try another browser
  • Disable hardware acceleration
  • Create a new browser profile to check for corruption.
  • Make internet connection stronger, safe and secure.
  • Take precautionary steps for any kind of intrusion detection in wireless networks.

So, the above mentioned are the simple methods to make Google chrome working. If nothing works for the issue, Google support can be contacted. The technical experts in customer service will assist the user with the best solution.

Google Chrome not Working on Mac

Methods apply when Google Chrome not working on Mac

If Google chrome is being used on a Mac device and the user is facing some issue, then it could be resolved by trying some troubleshooting. Some of the fixes for Google chrome not working on Mac are mentioned below:

  • There are times when the Chrome browser is slow and causing an issue to the user. The reason could be the cache on Mac. It should be cleared for proper functioning of apps.
  • If the Google chrome keeps freezing, its reason could be the browser cache. It should be deleted on a regular basis to avoid issues.
  • In case, the Google has stopped responding, the user can try disabling the extensions or deleting the browser history.
  • Sometimes the web-page does not load in the Google Chrome browser its reason could be outdated chrome or internet connection.
  • The Chrome settings might be responsible for the issue faced by the user on the Mac device.
  • If the user is unable to update the Chrome browser due to update failed error, it can be reset manually.

After applying these techniques, the user can enjoy the services of Google chrome. In case that cannot be works for the issue, contact them, phone, email or live chat can be used and all the details for that are available on Google website.



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