Gmail Not Receiving Emails on Iphone

No idea on how to fix when Gmail is not receiving emails?

Gmail is an email service which is trusted by nearly all the internet users due to its security features. Using Gmail, a user can send and receive emails, advertise, send attachments, etc. Gmail is quite helpful in order to receive and send message to clients within a very short span of the time. There are most of the clients who are pretty happy with the Gmail account and they know the user of the Gmail account in all respects. If you are the Gmail users, you can be the perfect client to share your important to date to the other clients without facing any trouble. At the meantime, if you face an error and you are not able to send or receive any kind of email, you are required to fix this problem within a short span of the time.

Although Gmail is a widely used service there are times when a user is facing problem in receiving the emails. If a user wants to know how to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue, then either the internet can be browsed or below mentioned steps can be followed:

Gmail Not Receiving Emails

  • The cause of the issue could be problematic internet. The connection could either be cellular data or Wi-Fi. So, it should be checked properly for the proper working of Gmail.
  • The user can try checking the service outage of Google by browsing any page on the internet.
  • The incorrect credentials of Gmail account could be responsible for the issue of Gmail unable to receive email.
  • In case of iPhone, the user needs to check out the iOS mail fetch and the notification settings. Every kind of settings can be easily adjusted in the Settings app of the iPhone.
  • As the issue is coming while receiving the emails, its reason could be wrong mail settings. For this, mail settings of the Gmail app are checked.
  • If nothing works, the user can try erasing the Gmail account from the iPhone and the again set it up after a few minutes. It might start receiving the emails properly.
  • All the above mentioned can be tried out when a user is interested to know how to fix Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone.

How to fix gmail not sending emails or receiving emails

The question is always asked by the customer to the tech support team when they are not able to receive any email from the clients. If you are one of them getting an error message, you are required to fix this kind of the problem without facing any trouble. To avoid unexpected hassles you are needed to follow the below steps instantly.

  • First of all, you should visit the Gmail account sign-in page to mention the correct email address and password.
  • Now you have to click on the inbox and check emails you have received or not.
  • Select mail server settings to change and then click on the DNS setting and the email client settings.
  • You need to IMAP mail server to reset the settings and complete the task immediately.
  • So you are at the informative page where you can learn the amazing tips when Gmail not receiving emails, within a short span of the time easily.

If any query or issue is still there, the user can simply contact the technical support of Google using contact details on the official website.



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