Google Voice Not Working

Google Voice is a telephone service offered by Google. It helps the users in providing call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging services. It helps in sharing vital messages and relevant information.

How to Google Voice not Working

The ways listed below will assist the users in resolving the issue of Google Voice not working. In case some problem arises, then the users may contact to Google Voice customer service to fix the issues.

Quick steps to fix the issue of Google Voice not Working

Solution No.1: Checking the language settings:

Voice Search only supports US English. It is unable to understand any other language. The user needs to make sure that English is set as the language on the Android Phone. The users may check the language settings on Android by clicking on the settings section and then on the Language and input option. This will fix the issue of Google Voice not working instantly.

Solution No.2: Disabling all the apps:

Disable the apps in the accessibility settings. Then the user needs to navigate to the settings. After this, the user needs to scroll down and then tap on the accessibility. Right at the top of the screen, the user needs to see all the apps. This will help in fixing Google Voice not working problem.

Solution No.3: Checking the microphone:

  • The users need to check and see whether the users have some issues with the Microphone. For this, the user needs to apply these steps:
  • The user needs to pen the Google app, and
  • Then the user needs to say “Ok Google” or type on the microphone.
  • After this, the user will notice a microphone icon which appears as a dotted line.
  • If there seems to be no issue with the microphone, then the users may check that the Microphone might be dirty. The users may use a pin to clean the microphone.

Solution No.4: Updating Google App:

The users need to update the Google app by opening the Google Play and then tap on three horizontal lines so as to to open the menu and tap on “My apps & games”. Then, the users need to click on the update option.

Solution No.5: Closing all the running apps:

The users need to close all the apps that are running simultaneously soas to fix the issue of Google Voice not working problem.

Get instant assistance to get the issues resolved:

The users may get in touch with Google voice expert team to get the issue of Google Voice Search not Working. This issue can easily be resolve if proper set of instructions are applied and implemented in a proper and systematic manner.



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