Safari Not Working

Obtain step by step methods to fix issues when Safari browser is not working on a Mac:

Is your Safari internet browser is not working fine when you try to use it on your Mac device? Have you tried to fix this kind of the error on your Mac device but you failed for several times? So sad, but there is a solution that will help you to get the issue fixed in the short span of the time. At this, you can guess the steps in terms of resolving the Safari internet browser’s problem.Take a look at the steps pointed down.

Safari Not Working on Mac

  • First of all, launch your Safari internet browser to navigate any website.
  • If the web page is not responding, go to the settings and chose clear history option.
  • Select cache, cookies, and other junk files and press remove button.
  • Now start the new page and browse the web page if works, you got success in resolving the problem.

Hopefully, your Safari is now working fine in helping you to browse the file appropriately. But if you are still getting an error with Safari using on Mac device you can follow the below steps provide you the best solution to fix issue instantly.

Safari Not Working on Mac after update

Get solution when Safari Not Working on Mac

  • Start on your Mac and launch Safari internet browser.
  • If you are getting an error, go to the settings and select network settings.
  • Tap on general settings and select network option to press the reset button.After resetting the network, go to the history and tap on the preferences.
  • Tap on the privacy icon and choose details button and press next button.
  • Select caches and cookies files and press remove button.
  • When you are finished, click on the done button and close the window.
  • Now go to the new page and start browsing the websites finally.
  • If you find yourself comfortable in browsing the new website, you resolved your problem successfully.

Get Common Issues When Safari not Working

  • Having resolved the problem of Safari internet, if you find out that your Safari is still showing an error, you need to know the common issues that impact on the Safari performance including
  • Network settings error.
  • Slow scrolling issues.
  • Pages are not loading and showing.
  • Persistent notification warnings and dialog boxes.
  • Sluggish performance and much more.

So if you are getting any types of error messages as safari not working, safari not working on Mac users follow the mentioned-above steps you can try to fix Safari internet problem.



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