Google Account Recovery for Android

How to Recover Google Account for Android Phone

Ever since Google Account has been launched it has been the most preferred account by the users. Just like every other service that is developed and managed by Google, it’s account is also handled by Google officials. This Google account is used not only to send or receive text messages but also can be used in performing various other services like the backup, saving pictures and videos, creating documents, presentations etc. Because of its several services and tasks that can be performed, it becomes the leading account which fascinates its users.

Also due to several features, people started saving their data and important files on Google Account. This at the same time increased the risk of hacking the account due to increased cybercrimes. Hence, the users were advised to keep changing their passwords to keep their account safe. But in case you have forgotten your Google account password due to frequent password changes then you may follow the steps of Google account recovery for Android Device further in this article.

Google Account Recovery for Android Phone

Getting Back Google Account Access in Simple Steps!

  • Open a web browser and go to Google account recovery page.
  • Enter the username that you want to recover account and then tap “Next”.
  • A new page will be displayed in front of you. Select any one recovery option. You can choose the option of recovery using the phone number.
  • Check the phone number linked to the account and then tap “Send Code”.
  • Enter the verification code received to you an SMS on the screen and then tap “Continue”.
  • Google will check the code and ask you to create a new password. Hence, the user is required to create such a password which is easy to memorize and then tap “Next”.
  • Enter the same password again to confirm and then tap “OK”.
  • With the help of the above steps, one can get back the Google account.

For any help related to Google account recovery for android, technical support can be contacted

Sometimes the users are looking for Google account recovery date of birth. But Google does not provide the service of account recovery using date of birth as it is unsecure for recovery. Other than this, the Google account can be easily recovered using any of the below mentioned ways:

Google Account Recovery Date of Birth

  • The recovery process which does not include Google account recovery date of birth is initiated by browsing the Google account recovery page.
  • Then, the email address of the recovery account is entered in the given field and Next button is clicked.
  • The user is then required to click on the Forgot password link for the account recovery.
  • On the next page, user will be asked to enter the last remembered password for the account. If user does not remember that, Try another way can be clicked.
  • Further next page will have the option of account recovery using phone number. In this, the user needs to identify the missing digits of phone number getting displayed on the screen. Once the user identifies it, a verification code is sent on the phone. The verification code is then entered in the given field and then the password can be recovered. The option of creating new password pops-up and user is required to enter it and confirm it. If the user has no access to the phone, Try another way is clicked.
  • One more way of recovery is through alternate email address. The user is required to enter the recovery email address and email will either have recovery link or verification code. By following that, user will get the option of creating a new password.



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