How do I Restore my Google contacts?

Would you like to restore your Google Contacts? Yes, then you are at the accurate place as here you will get the complete information on the same. Google contacts are the prominent contacts app for most Android smartphones. This app automatically takes back up of recently saved contact details on the linked Google account. Does everyone wonder about how do I restore my Google contacts? But it can be resolved easily. Contacts are provided by Google, which helps people to back up the contacts stored on their phone or SIM card. If you lose or need to replace your phone, then you can restore these contacts on the new phone.

How to Restore Contacts From Google Drive?

If you want to restore contacts that were saved to your Google Account, then you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

·            First and foremost, you need to open your phone's Settings app.
·            Next, you have to tap Google.
·            In the "Services" section, you have to tap Restore contacts.
·            If you have numerous Google Accounts, to choose which account's contacts to restore, you need to click from the account.
·            After that, you need to tap the phone with the contacts to copy.
·            If you don’t want to copy contacts from your SIM card or phone storage, you need to enable SIM card or Device storage.
·            Click on the Restore, and then wait until you see the "Contacts restored” option.
·            To avoid matching, your phone restores only contacts that it doesn't already have. At last, your restored contacts will also sync to your current Google Account and other devices.

Restore My Google Contacts

In this way, you can restore my Google contacts in a very secure manner. If you have any queries or need to ask something, you can contact the customer support team for reliable and quick assistance. Apart from all this, you can go to the service desk to sort out all your issues in a brief span of time. 



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