Google Maps Not Working

Why Google Map Not Working and How to Fix It?

Google maps are an online mapping app that helps us in navigating locations. It requires an internet connection and uses GPS satellite for performing its function. But sometimes it may happen that Google maps stop working in your android phone or iPhone. It is a very common software error that can be resolved easily by doing some changes in the app settings of your mobile phone or checking a mobile internet connection. When the user is facing the issue of Google maps not working, its reasons could be slow-loading, not finding the current location, incorrect navigation, etc.

Google Maps not Working on iPhone

Steps to fix Google maps not working on iPhone:-

  • Initially, the user should ensure that Location Services is turned on and Google Maps has got permission to use it. In iPhone, Settings, Privacy and then Location Services are tapped to turn on the location.
  • The user can try rebooting the Apple device as restarting might resolve the issue.
  • The issue might get resolved by closing the app and restarting it after a few seconds. Google maps issues are generally solved by this fix.
  • Further, the user can try turning on the background fresh app as it will refresh the Google maps content in the background.
  • The issue might be resolved by turning on the airplane mode for some time. It can be turned off within a few seconds.
  • The issue might be coming up due to the pending update of Google maps app. It can be checked in the Google Play store.
  • By resetting Location & Privacy, the issue might get resolved.
  • Finally, if nothing works, the user can try resetting the network settings of the iPhone.
  • This is how the issue of Google maps not working iPhone can be resolved.

Google Maps not Working on Android

Steps to fix Google maps not working on Android phone

Restart your android phone-

  • Press the power button
  • Select power off
  • Tap power off to confirm

Clear Google maps cache and data

  • Go to settings and select apps
  • From apps select Google maps
  • Select storage
  • Select Clear cache and delete
  • Select Clear data and delete
  • Google play service resetting-

Go to setting and select apps

  • Find Google play services
  • Clear data in Google play services

Internet connection- Check your internet connection and make sure it is working properly or otherwise reconnect it, unless you are using the offline map for navigation.

This is how the issue of Google maps not working Android phone can be resolved. After performing all the solutions to correct Google maps error discussed above still it is not working then you can contact Google technical support for any help, they can be contacted at any time.





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