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Know More about PayPal Change My Password Steps

PayPal is an American based company providing platform for online payments and online money transfer. Even before digital payment became popular and concept of PayPal Password Change, PayPal has been encouraging less use of paper money and prefer online transactions more. No matter how beneficial these online platforms are in day to day life but we still end up forgetting passwords of our accounts. If you forget password of your online payment account which involves money transactions, then it’s more problematic. But now nobody has to worry anymore because now there are effective ways to PayPal Password Change of your account. Anyone who loses his PayPal account can follow easy steps of PayPal Password Change and retrieve forgotten account.

Basic steps to Change forgotten PayPal password

  1. Click on PayPal's log in page.
  2. Tap on 'having trouble in logging in'.
  3. Enter the email id registered with PayPal account and click next.
  4. Choose the recovery method and click next.

Now coming to choosing PayPal Password Change method, there are number of options out of which you can select any and follow below steps to retrieve your account.

Change Password PayPal Account

PayPal Password Change or Recovery Method

  • If you choose call method then you will get a code that you would need to tell the customer executive over phone for PayPal Password Change.
  • If you choose text medium then you will receive a six digit code by text.
  • If you choose email option then you will receive a six digit code via mail.
  • If you go for security questions then you have to answer few questions and also give your card number.
  • If you choose Facebook medium then select 'send code' and enter six digit code sent to your messenger and tap on 'confirm' and complete the PayPal password change process.

Paypal Change Password

Change Forgotten PayPal Password without an Email id

Suppose if you don’t remember your email id registered with account then still you can do PayPal Change Password of your forgotten account easily through steps mentioned below.

  • Navigate to the log in page.
  • Tap on 'having trouble in logging in'.
  • Select forgotten your email address.
  • Enter all the possible email addresses you can think of that might be associated with your account.
  • See if any of them is verified by PayPal and click ‘continue’ if you know your password or choose any PayPal Change Password or recovery method to reset it.

Therefore these were possible hacks and solutions to PayPal change password and how to create strong passwords. And to avoid forgetting password again make sure to create a strong password and keep changing it frequently. Always be careful regarding accounts like PayPal that involves money. But after following these steps, if one still face problems or have any query then they can reach out to support team for more help about PayPal Password Change.



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