Google Assistant not Working

What should you do when Google assistant not working issue appears? How to fix it?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google available on mobiles and other devices, providing an interactive platform for getting your tasks done by without lifting your fingers. Google assistant is a vital part of smartphones where people are using it for their day to day activities. Although it is a unique application on phone but stops working some times. In case you find Google assistant not working you can fix it accordingly. Often users complain of application failure and most of the times they are common issues such as:

Google Assistant issues

  • Google refuses to react to your voice because of a network issue. Make sure that your device is connected well with the internet.
  • In case you are using Google home make sure that your device is responsive. Cross-check for mics being on or reboot your device before using.
  • Maybe your location is not set accordingly that’s why basic updates like weather, traffic, etc are not showing.

Google Assistant not Working Properly

Solutions to Google assistant issues:

  • The very basic solution to fix these problems is to reboot the device.
  • Make sure Google assistant is switched on in your device and your device supports it.
  • In case Google refuses to accept your voice, all you can do is to go to Google app, tap more, tap settings then voice and then retrain voice model and tap I agree and follow onscreen options. To ensure the voice settings, say “Hey Google” a few times.
  • Also other basic solutions could be a network issue, microphone not working or need to update the app.

Additionally, after doing these steps, you still see the issue with Google Assistant not working properly, you can contact the Google customer service expert team. They will provide you a complete and reliable solution to fix the issue.

Google Assistant not working on iPhone

What to do when Google assistant not responding on iPhone?

If your Google assistance is not working on iPhone, you must try once voice search option and after that, you can try to check out the settings and then check out the version of Google assistance simply. You must be sure that your OK Google is turned on and you are wishing to work fine. But if it is not working fine and you want the latest version of Google assistance you can try the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, turn on your iPhone device and open the Google App and go to the Google voice settings showing at the bottom of the same page.
  • Now you have to select the manage Google assistance and select the settings to make changes like your language.
  • You can simply search out the voice search start option and then say OK Google to see the result.
  • If it is working, you got OK Google or Google assistance is now working on your iPhone device.

For more help, regarding the Google assistance not working on iPhone or Google assistant not responding issues you are always free to contact our a brilliant tech support team that fixes the issue at the same time.





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