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Do you want to recover your Google account using a phone number or an alternative email address? If that's the case, you can perform the Google recovery task easily by going to https / page on a browser.

Google Account Recover via

Users of Google need to use account recovery if they forget their existing login password. They can then use a new password to regain access to their Google account. You can find the solution to Google Account Recover via using either the phone number or the recovery email options on this page.

How to recover Google account using mobile number?

Steps to recover Google account by using phone number:

  • From your browser, go to the Google recovery page and enter your user ID
  • Press next, then enter any old password associated with the same account
  • Alternatively, you can tap try Another way to avoid providing an old Google password
  • Google will ask for permission to send a code to your registered number in the next tab
  • You can then choose to get a code from Google via "text" or "call" to your phone number
  • Then write down the code you got from Google and insert it correctly on the recovery tab
  • Submit the code to have Google validate your account, and you'll be given the option to reset your password on the next page
  • Create a unique password to set as your new Google account password.

How to recover Google account using alternate email?

Steps to recover Google account by using alternate email:

  • Go to the Google account recovery page and enter your Login user ID
  • Press continue, and you'll be prompted to enter an old Google password that you recall
  • By tapping "Try Another Way," you can skip the step of entering your old password
  • Google will then offer to send you a verification code to your registered phone number
  • You can pick "I don't have my phone" if you can't reach your registered phone number right now
  • Google will provide you the option of receiving code in an alternative email address
  • To get a code from Google, press the send button and then go to your alternate email
  • Then copy and paste the code from your alternate email into the recovery page
  • Google will verify your account once you submit the code, then take you to the password reset page
  • Finally, you can generate a unique password, and save it to your Google account

https // for help

Therefore, you can process the Google account recovery using the methods listed above by heading to https / page on a web browser. You can, furthermore, seek assistance from a Google customer service representative for account recovery in case you might encounter any difficulty.



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